What is Soundmash?

What is Soundmash?

Soundmash is a completely free platform for artists and labels to share their music without limits — there are no premium accounts for artists, and free accounts include unlimited storage, whether you have one song or one thousand.

Soundmash is also free for listeners, although we do offer subscription options in the mobile apps which remove ads and enable HQ streaming 
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    • Protecting my content on Soundmash

      Copyright is automatically granted to you when you begin creating your work. You don't have to file anything anywhere, or publish anything online to own the copyright of your music.   However, it gets tricky if you ever need to prove this. If there ...
    • Why Email requirements?

      It’s important to understand that the email address used to originally create a Soundmash account will be used to indicate ownership of the account for the duration of it’s existence. Therefore it’s advisable to take extra care when selecting the ...
    • Account Cancellation: How to delete your account

      ​You can delete your account by logging in and going to your settings (it's at the bottom of the page):  https://www.soundmash.me/settings Images from deleted accounts to disappear from our servers.  For security reasons, only the account owner can ...
    • What are charts?

      What are the Soundmash charts? The most common tags on Soundmash have a chart. This will display on a show as a number next to its tag(s). Depending on how common the tag is, a chart can have between 10 and 100 entries. During an upload's first ...
    • Who is it for?

      Soundmash is for everyone and anyone who enjoys listening to great songs and DJ content, and for curators who are looking for better ways to host and promote their shows online.